Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Facebook!!!

So, 24 hours without Facebook and I made it. I feel like I'm missing my friends. I'm sure I'm missing some good recipes, humorous eCards, dumb jokes, gardening tips, political rants and digs, inspirational quotes, cool pictures, parenting advice, green living ideas, lessons in frugality, babywearing swap, a ton of advertisements and a bunch of time.

Yes, I left Facebook to make better use of my time. I have a precious one year old, a stack of books (hers and mine), and a homestead that I want to focus my attention on. Oh and this blog too!

So what have we been working on around here? Well our greenhouse is complete. Pictures coming soon. We're going to our first Mardi Gras ball next week. I'm very excited about that. We haven't had a dress up date in so long. We have 2 new raised planters that are almost complete. I ordered seeds today. The chickens have a new coop and place on the property.

So that's all for today! I'm posting this from my phone, so forgive me if it isn't pretty!