Monday, September 10, 2012

Black Bean Brownies

We just got back home after being gone for five days.  I'm always ready to get back to our normal diet when we return home from our trips.  We had some great food and some not great junk food while traveling.  Both times we ate fast food we felt like crap shortly after.

After coming home from driving all day, the question eventually pops up, "What's for dinner?"

"There ain't no groceries." That was the thought in my head, but I said "eggs?"
According to my calculations there should be about 30-40 eggs in the coup waiting for us.

These are about half the eggs from the coup, the other half are under a hen.  Hopefully she's broody.
B brings in a basket with about 18 and gets out the shredded cheese and some scrap pieces of onion and green pepper out of the fridge.  Just enough veggies for one tiny omelett.  I mentioned I had a can of black thing you know I'm making black bean brownies for dinner.  Hold the eggs, add ice cream.

Haha, we put the baby to bed and are having brownies and ice cream for dinner.  That's what's great about being the grown ups.  We can do that.  I wonder how long we can get away with that.

I know a lot of you probably know about black bean brownies, I've told a lot of you about them, one of you told me about them.  BUT I do believe there are a few people who haven't tried them, that I need to convince to try them.


Black Bean Brownie recipe
1 can of black beans*(read the label carefully)
1 box of brownie mix

open can of beans (or cooked dry black beans, of course that works and is in fact the healthiest/cheapest method)
dump juice out of can
refill can with water (beans are still in the can)
puree the beans
add bean slurry to brownie mix
put in pan
follow time and temperature directions on the brownie mix

So there ya go.  Sneak some beans into your sweets.

Here's how it went down tonight.  Dump the juice out of the can and then notice on the can it is black beans IN SEASONED SAUCE! CRAP!!! DANG IT!! and other such words flew out of my mouth.  This isn't the first time this has happened to me either.  Now, I will say, I did buy these beans to cook a mexican dinner we had last week.  I bought 2 cans, and you guessed it, I didn't use the seasoned beans for the dinner.  Nope, I saved that one, this one, for the brownies.

So dump out the beans and rinse heavily, then return the beans to the can and fill to the top with water.

 Put in mini food processor.  Puree.
 Bean slurry in bowl.
Add brownie mix.
 ...according to box directions.
 The picture is not awesome, because the kitchen was dark and I took a picture with my phone and it used a flash.  Whatever, I was already filling the bowls before I remembered to take this picture.
 Add ice cream to the steaming brownies.  This is some homemake chocolate chip walnut ice cream I make last week.

Enjoy.  That's the last of our junk food binge this week.
And if you really want to not feel guilty about this treat, find some organic brownie mix, ha.

Oh and one more thing, you couldn't even tell the beans had previously soaked in garlic and onion sauce.

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  1. I should've stayed for dinner ;) yummy!! I haven't made these in a long time... Thanks to Alexa and Anita for that idea