Thursday, August 9, 2012

Law of Circulation

When something super awesome happens you should want to tell as many people as possible, right? I think so. This morning when my car came to a smoking halt in the middle of a major intersection, I had a great experience.

I was pulling up to a red-light when grey, greenish, stinky smoke bellowed out from under the hood. So I just pulled over into the grass. I had gotten off the interstate at the last exit before Mobile Bay. We were on a little hill so it was a great view.  Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in "oh my car, what's going on" that I didn't even look at the bay and breathe.

Immediately a lady, getting off the interstate stopped and asked if I need help. Then she pointed and said "I think there's a police officer coming" I said thank you and waved, told her I was ok. A motorcycle pulled in to the grass on the other side of my car, but be wasn't the police. He was an older man, 60's-70's. He told me he went by "Pete."

It wasn't one minute later a police officer did pull in, I had the hood lifted already and the little baby was in a ring sling hanging out observing the whole situation, not making a peep.

Then before I could turn around a fireman pulled in, it was determined that it was my starter that went out and where would I like it to be towed.

Well the place we get my car serviced is up the road one mile (1.1 to be exact). They also have a tow service. Isn't that convenient?!  The officer was on it, and had the truck dispatched immediately.

Mobile Bay is just to the left of my finger
Next thing you know, there's a second police officer behind my car. So there's 2 cops, a fireman and my new friend Pete. Turns out we actually have some mutual friends, Pete and I. Some real good people. Here comes the tow truck. My car is loaded up and Pete says to me "You know, I've been really blessed in my life, here, take this." and puts money in my hand!

It made me cry, I couldn't believe it.  I protested a bit through some tears, and he just pushed it to me and said take it.  I got his number and address and told him the next time we are in his neck of the woods we will stop by to say hi.

Baby O and I took the one mile ride in the tow truck up the hill to our service center.  A friend meets me there and takes me home and stays for a visit. I had 2 great friends willing to pick me up, and 2 more willing to take me back to pick my car up when it was finished.

I didn't get to attend the monthly La Leche League meeting we were on our way to, or go fabric shopping with a friend, or go to the grocery store.  That's ok, and the rest of the afternoon turned out to be pretty great too.  Sometimes, things don't go as planned, but you just have to smile and go with it.  It's actually better that my car broke right where it did.  Normally I drive my hubby's truck and he is who-knows-where in my car, but my faithful 1998 Toyota Camry was in the right place at the right time today.  She's such a good car.  I've never had to replace the starter, it's done me right for well over 200,000 miles. Who knows how many cranks that is.
My sweet ol' girl

The funny thing is, Pete gave me the exact same amount of dollars that we had given a friend to help support her on a mission trip.

So this has nothing to do with being a farmer or organic living, but it has to do with us living the "Good Life." I am surrounded by blessings every day and I like to express my gratitude for it.  It is all GOOD, ALL of the time.


  1. Blessing always come in disguises. ;)
    Love you!

  2. Wow! What a gift, for you and me. So glad things went as well as they could for you and thanks for blogging about it. It made me remember there is good in human kind, I forget sometimes.