Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Updates on Granola, Yogurt, and Chickens

Well I was told to post pictures of the granola, hehe, I didn't think anyone would care.  I DID take pictures, I just didn't upload them.  My phone told me it was full at about picture number 3,002.  Having a baby sure will eat up your memory on a phone or camera.  I had to take a break and download all of the photos onto an external hard drive.  Someday......I'll sort them. HA!

Here are some action and final granola shots, with yogurt which I am about to get to as well.

dry ingredients

mixing in wet ingredients

going in the oven

final granola with a cup of yogurt and some strawberries

mmmmm delicious breakfast

Now...to figure out how to make bars out of the granola so it can be a portable snack.
I've been a yogurt fan forever.  I didn't drink milk when I was young, so my Mimi fed me yogurt as a child.  I've always loved it and when a good friend of mine got me making it last year, I have been even more hooked.  All you need is a starter, milk, heat, and time.  Ok, so like all good things TIME is a factor here.  In the past this is how I made yogurt:

Take a small amount of yogurt (maybe an ounce or less) and set it in a bowl
Heat 4 cups of milk until almost boiling, pour into another bowl
Let both bowls reach room temperature
Pour the milk into the bowl with the starter
Put in the oven with the light on overnight
Wake up, drain watery stuff from top 

Pretty easy if you plan ahead and allow time for warming and cooling of temperatures.  Well I was never exact about measuring or heating up, and as a result my yogurt never came out the same way twice.  Sometimes it was thick, sometimes it was runny, sometimes mild, sometimes tart.  We ate it anyway.  Plus if you put it in a smoothie, who cares what the consistency is, right?

Well I went to visit my best friend last week and she had a yogurt maker.  She's so awesome, she let me take it home to try it out.  Ok, it's pretty easy to find manuals online, so I did.  I followed the manufacturers directions EXACTLY.  I had frozen some really good yogurt the last time I had some, so I already had my starter.
frozen yogurt cubes
thawed cubes, 5 oz exactly, and just what the maker recipe called for

Ok, here I'm measuring the temperature with 2 thermometers.  One is for candy making, I don't even know why I have it... and the other is a digital surface temperature scan (for babies).  Heat to 185 degrees, then quickly cool to 115 degrees.  Stir in starter and pour into cups.  Turn machine on, wait 8 hours.

8 hours for 6 cups of yogurt (if you keep some as a starter than you really only get 5 cups
 Eight hours later, I remove the cover, put the lids on and put in the fridge overnight.  The next morning they were perfect!  I am so happy to be back in the yogurt making habit.
It had a normal amount of watery stuff on top when it was all said and done.

Oh, here's rooster #2 out of the freezer (thawed of course).

NOW, doesn't he look much better all dressed up?


  1. Beautiful! Glad the yogurt maker worked out for you, I knew you'd find a manual for it ;)

  2. You are so funny. Yes, your chicken looks better dressed up. LOL.
    Yogurt... may need to try that. Thanks for sharing!!!:)