Monday, July 16, 2012

so you think you can blog...

Welcome to my first blog post. I don't know exactly why I wanted to a blog, but I've been thinking about doing it for about a year now. I use the Internet so much in my life to find information on EVERYTHING. My friends and family know that I love finding or finding out stuff. I research things to death sometimes. I know the answers to my questions are available; I just have to put the energy into finding them.

When I moved from my home state and left my nearest and dearest, I used social networking (yes, Facebook) to stay in touch. I was already on there, but now it was daily, uh multiple times a day. I had the app on my phone. I found that special interest pages are new avenues to find out more stuff. I'm not always just checking out what my friends are up to these days - or what they're up to this minute. But there’s some really great homesteading and green living blogs and sites out there that really inspire me.

When I became pregnant I really started reading blogs and personal interest pages. I read so many, many things related to pregnancy and childbirth, I read books and blogs, and then found out you can get sucked into the comments below the story/article/blog. Whoa, there are some extreme people out there. OK, where was I?

I became a stay home mommy this year, yay! I'm sure there will be a few posts on that topic. But not a lot. I'm on the Internet even more now that I'm home. Uh and I have an iPhone, so that kinda makes a difference. And I use a lot of information I find in our lives. Sometimes I would post about it on Facebook, I even looked at Pinterest as a place for me to "pin" things I've done or want to do, so that I could come back to look at it later. Well those sites just aren't filling my need.

I guess I want to blog as, well a blog. It's a public, digital journal. So maybe this is the place where I keep up with our efforts and goals. I looked up “how to write a blog” and started from there. Apparently you need to pick one main topic or theme and stick to that. So I’m going to base my posts on our wanna-be homestead/farm. I won’t just go on and on everyday about how awesome my little girl is or get into parenting, religion, or politics. I’ll respect my family’s privacy and anything I post about B, I’ll clear by him first. Then again, he’s pretty much cool with whatever I do, which is very awesome. He also pushed me to go ahead and do this, so that’s super cool.

If anyone wants to offer any constructive advise on blogging, please I’ll take it. I’ll be conscious of my grammar and punctuation and if I do flub up occasionally, don’t make me feel like an idiot. I’m really kinda smart, but I do tend to write like I talk, and I was raised in the Appalachian Mountains. I do say “y’all.” Oh and I like exclamation points. I'm still trying to think of a great name for this blog, I'll take suggestions.

Is this enough for the first day? Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk about our experience on Sunday. We took out a few roosters, hehe, and that’s the kind of things I don’t want to post on Facebook.


  1. OK, I have it set up now so that anyone can comment, so since it's this way and even anonymous people can post, I will have to review them before approving.

  2. Hey goldie, I think its a great idea to put your thought and ideas down in a blog. My only suggestion is to write about everything you want to, and or feeling. I know just from reading your Facebook that you and full of fabulous ideas and thought that would benefit anyone who reads this. I hope you don't decide to limit your blog to just a few topics. You go girl and good luck on everything you do.

  3. So excited about this. Happy for you!